The earth is similar to the ocean...
This might seem strange, very strange, but this is exactly how it is. At least here.
The earth is so similar to the ocean sometimes it can be mistaken for the ocean, which can be regarded as exaggeration but is not.
However sometimes the earth is so different from the ocean it can't be mistaken for the ocean – the memories of such mistakes astonish us thoroughly.
The earth is changeable. It can be of any colour and always something is growing on it.
The ocean is changeable, too, but nothing is growing on it. Nothing is covering it. It is changeable itself. Always undulating, vibrating, rippling and smoothing down. It raises. It falls. It raises. It falls. It breathes. Nothing is growing on it – something is growing in it, always.
The earth here seems not to be undulating, not to be vibrating, and yet it does not give the feeling of stability. It looks marshy, swampy, sticky. As if it were to cave in and disappear. Feet should be put on it carefully, stamping and tapping shoud be avoided – it may crack, break into pieces, though it has never quaked.
The earth looks a bit like the sky, too. More than a bit. Or maybe the sky is similar to the earth.
The earth does quake or does not. The ocean undulates. What does the sky do?
It looks as if the ocean were a thickened sky, while the earth were a thickened ocean.
It looks like that, because it is like that.
These are not metaphors. These are different aspects of the same.
Of what?
Three sides of something.
Three states of matter.
Only three?
For if there are other states of matter, then what are they? Is there anything thicker than the earth and less thicker than the sky?

States of matter? What is matter?