It could seem we are dealing with simple
inversions: u is inverted n, while V is
inverted A. At the first glance this is so,
at the second glance this is so, too, though
a bit less. Then this is not. Unless we deal
with non-simple inversions, with inversions
complicated and complex.
Let's take V. It has
no bar. There is nothing we can sit on. We have
to stand on the head – we have to sit on the head.
The space above us is not closed, not concentrated
and not concentrating, not contracted and not
contracting – the space above us is open, distracted
and distracting, dispersed and dispersing.  
But what are the trenches for: to concentrate and
meditate in them? No, trenches are to give us a shelter
 – we can lie, sit, walk, run in them, while above our
heads whiz words, phrases, sentences, even paragraphs,
roaring and howling. And they make no harm to us. We are
save. They don't hit us. Let them whiz, roar and howl of
anger – we are save. We calmly go on digging..... . Go on drawing..... Like moles.....

Trenches are like leading,
 interline spaces.
spaces are like trenches.

We can hide in them. Crouch
 down. Take a rest. Get safely
 to the margins....

But maybe it is the other way
 round: the letters are trenches
 dug in the white page, like in
 a lime rock. They pretend they
 help us to get out of this white
emptiness..... Or we pretend they
 help us. With no doubt they help us
to go round and round. They make a huge labyrinth with no exit, which pretend to be an open space with no boundaries and limits....