They have been attracted by the colour letters.
   Very good. Excellent. Let them stay there. Let them stammmmmer and falter. Maybe they will falter something out. If they keep on faltering, they will falter something out. No doubt. But they mmmmust falterrrr and stammmmmer a lot. Rrreally a lot. Let them think faltering and stammmmering can lead them sommmewhere. While it is crystal clear it will lead them to nowhere. For they are stammmmering and faltering with their larynx, mouth and brain.
     We are neither stammmmmering nor faltering. We are purrrrrrrring. With our diaphrrrragmmmm. And that's the point.
The point is to purrrrrrrrrr like cats do. To make our body generate sounds.... to make our body a sound.... to mmmmmmmmmmake our body vibrrrrrrrrrrrrate.... The larynx, the vocal box, won't do it, because it's too smmmall and it's too high. The diaphrrrrrragmmmmmmmmmm will do. Yes, it will. The diaphrrrrrragmmmmmmmmm is biggerrrrrrrr and it's located lowerrrrrrrrr and that is why it can make the whole body vibrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrate.
    Cats are supposed to have nine lives, but they are also supposed to suffer differrrrrrrent illnesses ten times less often than dogs. Because they purrrrrrr. While dogs can only grrrrrrrrowl. We also can grrrrrrrowl. But grrrrrrrrrowling results only in rage and furrrrrry. And this is bad prrrrrrofit.
Here we can ask a question: why cats? why didn't dogs learn to purrrrrrrr using their diaphrrrrrrrrragmmmmmmmmmm? why do neither monkeys, norrrrrr deer, norrrrrrrrrrr hippopotamuses, norrrrrrrrr mice purrrrrrrr?
             Norrrrrrrrrrrr we.
This is why we want to learrrrrrrnnnnnnn to purrrrrrr. To masterrrr the art of purrrrrrrring. We want to purrrrrrrrr, we want to have eleven lives and sufferrrrrrrrrr various illnesses five times less often than cats.

We don't want to be worrrrrse than cats. We also want to posses the secrrrrrret of purrrrrring. Through prrrrrrrrrrractising. We will not cut cats to learn, to see, if they have inside something that other crrrRRrrreatures don't have, because it is known very well they have nothing special inside, no extraorRRRrdinary orrrrRRrrrrgan.
      We will prrrrrrrrrrrrrractise.

But firrrrrRrrrrrrst of all we must forrrrrrrrrrrrrget about the larynx, about the vocal corrrrrrrrds, about the vocal box.
We must use the diaphragmMMMm.
Nothing but the diaphrrrrrrrrrrrrrrragmmmMMMMmmmmm......