we are looking, we are observing, we are watching ...... but we are not walking, no, not this time, we are standing or sitting, well, after all we can be lying, however this is not recommended due to the danger of total distraction resulting in replacing the views with dreams and night-and-day-mares, and this it the other story, though neither absolutely nor entirely - - - - - - and the view is slowly turning into a page of text - - - - - and now we are not looking, not watching, not observing, we are reading, reading - - - - it's getting dark, dusk and twilight are coming, everything is getting fuzzy and smudgy - - - - it's dark, really dark – lamps, windows, stars are being switched on – we are looking, watching, till we notice these are but shinning letters

it's the matter of controversy whether this process is reversible – should we sit or should we walk, this is controversial, this is not clear – nevertheless we will discuss this problem neither now nor later - - - - - - - we can only mention we don't think it is wrong when a text being just read will turn into a wood whispering silently, or into a striped abdomen of a wasp buzzing menacingly