The day sky is usually white, although in some corners of Liberland it can be not white. In fact the day sky can be of any colour, so in some places it is black, and if not black then very dark, however this does not mean the night has fallen there – Liberland is not that vast to have a day on one edge and a night on the other, and dawn or dusk or something else in between. When there is a day, then a day is everywhere, in whole Liberland, everywhere is the day sky, and this sky is mostly white, although it can be of different colours in some spots and places, thus making the Liberish sky motley, with many colourful patches which are neither mysterious signs nor are composed in even more mysterious map being the evidence of existence of other Liberland, the hidden and encoded one, for example underday or overday Liberland.

It is also interesting (also indicates that we have considered interesting what we have written above, while this not necessarily must be interesting), that a day begins and ends abruptly and unexpectedly, though sometimes both its beginning and end can be supposed or predicted, however it is impossible to indicate the precise moment, or at least much more difficult than to suppose. Also the duration of a day is absolutely irregular.

The colour of the sky does not depend on the duration of the day. All day long the colour is the same, so is its saturation, contrast, intensity. In the beginning, in the middle and in the end the sky shines the same – the terms morning, noon, evening have no sense at all. Numerous stars keep appearing in this changeless, usually white, sky. These stars are usually black, it means the majority of them are black, while the minority are of various colours, though this is nor so sureexact counting could result in opposite statement. It hasn't been noticed whether the stars create any more or less clear figures deserving names or simple codes. Usually they create irregular, chaotic sets, which means sometimes these sets can have regular shapes. Well, clear sky, regardless its colour, has been almost never seen in Liberland.

It is also interesting (even more than what was interesting earlier) that Liberland itself seems a cloud suddenly appearing in the sky and on the earth turning the horizon into a dashed line.